How Accurate Are The Calorie Counters On Fitness Machines?

Question by Stefy: How Accurate Are The Calorie Counters On Fitness Machines?
Like when you jog it tells you how many calories you lost during the time, how accurate is it?

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Answer by michele
If it allows you to input your gender, weight and body composition before calculating estimated calories burned, it can be pretty on target.

If not – I wouldn’t count on it even being in the ballpark.


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  1. BeckyLilac says:

    If it’s the kind that lets you put in gender, body weight, height, etc- then I’ll put some trust in it.

  2. old lady says:

    Not terribly accurate. They just give a general guide. The machine can’t tell what your BMI is, what level of fitness you are at, or anything else. It can give a general indication of how many calories it takes to expend a certain amount of effort – but it’s only a generalization.
    Still, it is a guide and you can decide, by comparing the various machines and the various workouts, which one uses the most calories. It might not be exact, but it will give you a rough idea.

  3. M4rky d says:

    if you type in your weight and such,like every one has said, the machine know’s what weight and body fat you have. so it can be very accurate.

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